It is to day 101 years ago, 18 Russian Imperial sailors lost their Lifes.

It is to day 101 years ago, 18 Russian Imperial sailors lost their lifes in a tragic accident when the submarine SOM collided with the Swedish s/s Ångermanland and sank to 88 meters depth. It happened early in the morning 23 May, off the small coastal town of Grisslehamn, located at the Swedish east coast.

A cooperation between Ixplorer and Ocean X Team lead to that SOM was relocated in July 2015.

Relatives to the crew will think of Them to day.

”O Father hear our prayer to Thee,
From your humble servants beneath the sea.

In the depth of ocean oft we stray,
So far from night, so far from day.

We would ask your guiding light to glow,
To make our journey safe below.

Please oft times grant us patient mind,
Then ’ere the darkness, won’t us blind.

We seek thy protection from the deep,
And grant us peace whene’er we sleep.

Of our homes and loved ones far away,
We ask you care for them each day.

Until we surface once again,
To drink the air and feel the rain.

We ask your guiding hand to show,
A safe progression, sure and slow.

Dear Lord please hear our prayer to Thee,
From your humble servants beneath the sea.”

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Russian TV news

Watch video!

Watch video!

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The latest find by the Ocean X Team 2016

Target0052,The operator places target notes here. Multiple lines OK.,60:03.1740 N,018:56.5472 E,C1,L27.3,W3.7,H10.6,H2-1.0,D113.7,2016:09:04 09:12:34.43
A new Discovery.
An unknown object was discovered during a sonar survey of the sea floor in the Stockholm archipelago area at deep water. A visual examintaion of the find has not yet been implemented.

The left image shows.
The image is a side scan sonar image, showing the sea floor with an wreck-like object. The size of the object is approximately 27meters in length and approx 4 meters in width.

The right image shows.
The side scan image is of the Russian Empire WW1 submarine ”SOM” which Ocean X Team found in July last year. ”SOM” was 20 meters in length and 3,6 meters in width.

The expedition were sponsored by:
Mats Wåhlin AB
Teledyne-Blueview sonar
Nimbus Boats

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The Russian submarine SOM compass


Dennis and Peter with the compass from the Russian submarine SOM (former the Holland 1 ”Fulton”). SOM sunk the 23 May 1916 after a collision with a Swedish mail steamer.

Rasmus Ravensborg dive team made the salvage effort of the compass from 88 meters depth.

The diver Martin Kindvig succeeded to take ultrasonic thickness measurements of the submarine’s hull, much thanks to Cygnus Instruments ultrasonic gauge; DIVE.

Next step is to convince the Russian authorities to cooperate with us since both ”sides” want the same thing; salvage the submarine, take care of the remaines of the 18 submariners and make sure they will get their final rest in Russian soil, and then bring the submarine to Russia.

For information, the compass is now handed over to the police to be stored under their responsibility, with the maritime musuem supervision.

The expedition was organized by Ocean X Team in cooperation with Ixplorer.

Contributors who sponsored this expedition: Cygnus Instruments, Ocean Modules, Paragon boats, Nimbus boats, Marczak Film and Björnkläder.

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