30 juni, 2021

Vraket efter ubåten ”Som” ligger i svenskt territorialhav. Ubåten sjönk 1916 efter en kollision med ett svenskt fartyg. Frågor om vraket efter ubåten ”Som” har beretts inom Regeringskansliet sedan 2015 i samband med att ett svenskt företag hade påträffat vraket, och sedermera skickade Ryska federationen en förfrågan om bärning till Utrikesdepartementet. Regeringskansliet (Utrikesdepartementet) beslutade den 25 maj 2020 att ge en utredare i uppdrag att bedöma förutsättningarna för bärgning av vraket efter ubåten ”Som” och för överlämning av vraket till Ryska federationen. Om bärgning inte bedöms vara möjlig eller ändamålsenlig ska utredaren beakta, beskriva och föreslå alternativ till hur vraket och förlisningsplatsen kan hanteras.

Sammanfattningsvis ser utredningen inte några hinder mot att vraket efter ”Som” bärgas och överlämnas till Ryssland. Utredningen föreslår att en internationell överenskommelse ingås med Ryssland rörande hanteringen av vraket.

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P R E S S   R E L E A S E      2015-07-27

A Russian mini-submarine has been discovered at Swedish territorial waters not far from the Swedish coast. The submarine is about 20 meters long and three and a half meters wide. It is unclear how old the submarine is and how long it has been laying at the sea floor, but the Cyrillic letters on the hull indicates that it is Russian.

The discovery was made previous week by the Ocean X Team and Ixplorer.

– The submarine is completely intact, have no visible damage to the hull and the hatches are closed. Therefore do we fear that the crew have not been able to save them self when the sub went down, says Stefan Hogeborn, divers in Ocean X Team.

The submarine was found during an expedition where a camera equipped, unmanned mini-submarine of the model ROV, Remote Operated Vehicle, was sent down.

Swedish Armed Forces was informed earlier today.

Ocean X Team is now preparing for a new expedition, divers will be sent down to film and to investigate the submarine wreck more closely.

Ocean X Team has previously made several discoveries such as shipwrecks and historical objects, including bottles of champagne from 1916 and the circular of the Baltic Sea Phenomenon etc.

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Treasure hunters plan to confirm their find with scientific answers

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 8/9/2011- On June 19th the Swedish-based diving company Ocean X Team discovered something they’ve never quite seen before. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar.  A 197 feet diameter cylinder shaped object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet.  Treasure hunters, Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg are in the midst of planning for their next excursion; to find out what’s there, and how it ended up in the Baltic Sea. Ocean X Team’s Operation Baltic Discovery will unveil what people around the world are waiting to find out- What’s really there?

“We need to know what we’ve found. Media has been speculating about everything from UFO’s to Russian space ships. What we know at this point is its size and shape and we also know, based upon the sonar image, that there is a ridged tail going from or to the cylinder shaped anomaly of about 3 800 feet throughout the bottom of the sea, ”said Peter Lindberg, one of the professionals at Ocean X Team.

“We cannot tell when it was placed in the Baltic Sea, if the object was dumped into the sea or if it’s a natural phenomenon,” continues Peter Lindberg.

“We are determined to successfully complete our mission of finding out what’s at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Because of the sea depth, it is a risky operation that requires a lot of planning, strategy and financial resources,” said Dennis Åsberg, one of the three professionals at Ocean X Team in Stockholm, Sweden.

About X Team
Ocean Explorer has been conducting various diving excursions in North Europe for over 20 years. Their main focus has been to search for hidden treasures such as antique high-end alcoholic beverages and historic artefacts. Some excursions include the salvaging of champagne bottles from the wreck “Jönköping” in 1997. The treasure hunters, Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg have been in the maritime industry since 1995.

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