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A commercial possibility out of the ordinary!
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Partners Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg founded Ocean X Team along with their expert diving team, have spent two
decades, thousands of charted hours, exploring the depths of the deadliest oceans. They’ve uncovered WWI subs, steamer
boats loaded with millions in vintage booze, and even a possible UAP???.

Their reputation for tracking down the rare, the unusual and the highly valuable has transformed the company into
one of the leading deep-sea salvage and exploration operations on the planet. And with unique access and information from
top-level contacts, they’re tracking down legendary valuables from around the globe. One of the most impressive is when
2400 bottles of Heidsieck & Co MONOPOLE Gôut Americain 1907 champagne where recovered from the wreck and raised
world record prices when sold at Christie’s auction house in London.

OCEAN X TEAM is offering an opportunity for an experience beyond imagination. An escapade on the
oceans with one of the most thrilling, exciting challenges that could be envisioned.

OCEAN X TEAM is currently looking for a long-term partner to collaborate on an adventure that started two
decades ago. The main reason we currently consider a solid partner is that several projects that we have
exclusive access to have gained momentum and need financial backing to be realized.

It has an excellent opportunity for an ROI, but it is also an invitation for an exclusive experience for valiant
souls and wants to make a difference.

This experience is challenging, a peek into a world that very few
people on this planet would have a way into.

We have learned to extend our network and attract top
expertise to extract the treasures from below waters that have been hidden for hundreds of years.

Our solid track record has made us unique among treasure hunters that are currently operating.
The unique environment in the Baltic Sea for conserving ships and treasure is a great opportunity and the
most dangerous conditions for divers with barely any visibility. We have learned to master the technique in
this harsh environment.