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News; The expedition started Friday 1st from Norrtälje harbor when Ocean X-Team took their crew out for this exciting adventure trying to find out what the mysterious disc-shaped object is. Unfortunately the weather conditions have been really bad the last days, but now they are on a roll.

Stay alert for more updates within shortly.

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 30/5/2012  – The treasure hunters Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg are working day and night preparing the boat Ancylus who will take them out to the awaited excursion; to find out what’s hiding there at the depth of the Baltic Sea. The mysterious disc-shaped object who suddenly appeared on their sonar has engaged the whole world – What will they meet down there at approximately 275 feet?

”We need to explore what we have found. Media has been speculating about everything from UFOs to Russian space ships, and the time has come to find out what the sonar image actually is”, says Peter Lindberg, professional wreck diver and co-owner at Ocean X-Team.

The expedition starts from Norrtälje June 1st harbor and are planned to continue the upcoming weeks.

For more information, contact Josephine Görander, Press Officer.
+46 8 588  012 79, mobile +46 70-665 95 90


Now we have bought a ship Ancylus. We are now preparing for the great adventure that will start in the near future … I’ll be back with an exact date.
For information we will be in Norrtalje harbor soon.


incredible, we have measured the radiative value of the anchors we used. It’s quite intriguing, the normal level of radiation is 0,1 milli Sieverts and we get 0,63 when measuring on the anchors. It’s far from dangorus levels but still; it’s 6 times higher than a normal level of radiation. The anchors have been on the bottom like 2-3 kilometers from the circle, so one can wonder if we will get higher values of radiation the closer we get of the circle?


Ocean X Team has now signed a partnership agreement with Titan TV production.
Titan TV will produce a TV documentary series and documantary film for an international audience.
The production starts in April, see more at:


Buy a Digigraphie of the anomaly in the Baltic Sea. The Digigraphies wich is named “Anomalis” will be printed in three different colors; green, blue and red.
It will only be 150 printed Digigraphies of each color and they will be numbered from 1 to 150. Each Digigraphie will be signed by Dennis Åsberg & Peter Lindberg and a certificate of authenticity and an informative text will be included.

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A sponsorshipagreement is ready with the Swedish company Ocean Modules regarding usage of state of the art ROV’s (RemotelyOperated Vehicle). Ocean Modules will provide ROV’s to Ocean X Team at the different planed expeditions during 2012. Ocean Modules different models ofROV’s have proven their capacity in rough conditions, for example in the North Sea. Please check the link for more information about Ocean Modules;

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A commercial opportunity out of the ordinary.

Ocean X Team has found a disc shaped object on the sea floor at 85 meters depth, but what is it?
Well, we do not know but your company should really not miss the chance of being highlighted in front of hundreds of millions TV-viewers when we found out.

We are also looking for investors who are interested in the object and can see the potential value.
For more information about investment please contact us.

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Ocean X Team have reached approximatly 400 million viewers through news features at different TV-news chanels (internet based news agencies not counted).

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Ocean X Team in negotiations with clothing company regarding a new brand; OceanX, a line of clothing for rough sea- and outdoor conditions.

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Treasure Hunters Plan to Confirm their Find with Scientific Answers

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 8/9/2011- On June 19th the Swedish-based diving company Ocean Explorer discovered something they’ve never quite seen before. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar. A 197 feet diameter cylinder shaped object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet. Treasure hunters, Peter Lindberg, Dennis Aasberg are in the midst of planning for their next excursion; to find out what’s there, and how it ended up in the Baltic Sea. Ocean Explorer’s Operation Baltic Discovery will unveil what people around the world are waiting to find out- What’s really there?

“We need to know what we’ve found. Media has been speculating about everything from UFOs to Russian space ships. What we know at this point is its size and shape and we also know, based upon the sonar image, that there is a ridged tail going from or to the cylinder shaped anomaly of about 1 600 feet throughout the bottom of the sea,”said Peter Lindberg, one of the professionals at Ocean Explorer.

“We cannot tell when it was placed in the Baltic Sea, if the object was dumped into the sea or if it’s a natural phenomenon,” continues Mr.Lindberg.

Ocean Explorer is currently accepting in-kind donations and corporate sponsors to complete Operation Baltic Discovery. In addition, fans and supporters can purchase Ocean Explorer logotype T-shirts on the company’s website.

“We are determined to successfully complete our mission of finding out what’s at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Because of the sea depth, it is a risky operation that requires a lot of planning, strategy and financial resources,” said Dennis Aasberg, one of the three professionals at Ocean Explorer in Stockholm, Sweden.

Videos from the excursion and the remarkable sonar image are available on

About Ocean Explorer

Ocean Explorer has been conducting various diving excursions in North Europe for over 20 years. Their main focus has been to search for hidden treasures such as antique high-end alcoholic beverages and historic artifacts. Some excursions include the salvaging of champagne bottles from the wreck Jönköping in 1997. The treasure hunters, Peter Lindberg, Dennis Aasberg have been in the maritime industry since 1995.