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We want to show you the truth

We are planing for a documentary series about potential marine environmental hazards, mainly in Swedish waters. It will be 6-7 episodes where each will be about a specific environmental problem. Our idea is to continue with the reality documentary and keep doing what we’re doing best, working with different projects at sea. A twist is that we will not just present the problems, we will also try to find sollutions how to neutrilize the potential problems, and maybe in some cases try different innovations just to show that it is possible to do something about it.

It’s a long way from idea to a finnished product regarding TV documentaries, and it is far from sure that we will be able to succeed with this project. We have no production company regarding this project signed yet, nor do we have the financing. However, we thought for now, that we should invite you to participate and hopefully come up with some great ideas. Maybe some of you are marine biologists, engineers, inovators, creators or just getting concerned about what we are going to tell you.

We will present one object each time (with no particular order in the documentary), with a week or so between.

The first object is:

  • In the beginning of 1930’s the Company BOLIDEN were refining copper at their smeltery at Rönnskärs factory, just outside the Swedish town of Skeleftehamn. The copper ore were brought to the factory from different mines. During the refining process a lot of waste were created, for example arsenik. The arsenik waste were casted into concreate blocks and then transported out at sea off Skeleftehamn and dumped at 100 meters depth. In total they dumped 4500 tons of arsenik waste during a very short period of time. No one has seen these concreate blocks since (what we know about), and no one knows about the status of the blocks. Some persons who has worked at the factory claim that this dumping of arsenik waste in concreate blocks were going on for much longer than just in the beginning of the 30’s, and these 4500 tons that BOLIDEN has admitted being dumped is just a tip of an iceberg. Even ”just” the 4500 tons can be a huge growing environmental disaster.

Are you interested to get involved in this Project?
We are looking for:
Marinbiologists, engineers, innovators, researchers, investors, sponsors etc.

Contact: info@oceanxteam.com